International Franchise

..CoCo Advantage..

The unique structure and skilled team at CoCo create important advantages for overseas partners.

No 1
Comprehensive Training Programs
CoCo can accumulate practical experience among the world's largest tea brand, through expatriate resident with extensive experience operating officer to each region to assist partners to strengthen business skills, continuous innovation and improve operational performance.
No 2
Dedicated Professionals for Local Operational Support
Transplantation complete training program and examination system headquarters, to develop "the choice of fertility stay" training program, along with the rapid expansion of the scale of the global exhibition shop, store staff to provide the district with managers at all levels and improve the functions of rigorous training.
No 3
Customized Marketing Strategy
In response to the regional market, cultural customs, different marketing strategies customized advice. Integration of regional resources for cross-sector cooperation, with a global marketing strategy to strengthen the brand awareness and marketing programs to assist all kinds of stores to enhance the repo rate and support for new customer groups.
No 4
Global Procurement of Fresh Seasonal Ingredients
CoCo district partners can provide manpower policy recommendations to local conditions, and provide employees a transparent and smooth promotion pipeline, excellent pay and benefits, a pleasant working environment at home and abroad stationed opportunities to help the district attract high-quality talent.
No 5
Innovative R&D to Facilitate Quick New Product Introduction
Procurement global quality ingredients, signing annual contracts to ensure stable supply of quality products, global partners, volume, price checks. Procurement system throughout South Africa, the Netherlands, Thailand, India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Ecuador, New Zealand and Australia, Chile and the United States ... and so on.
No 6
Contemporary Store Design and Efficient Layout
Planning districts of logistics and warehousing systems, competent assistance from headquarters and regional partners to build Qi logistics plan, in convenience, accuracy, safety and cost considerations, logistical support to maintain the quality of the store.
No 7
Professional Management from Renowned MNCs
By professional R & D team leader, taking into consideration raw materials, seasonal ingredients, seasonal differences, the flavor and the theme continues to introduce a variety of drinks marketing activities. Submission of food security and active testing to ensure product safety and quality reputation first.